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This one is the swipe video player pro version you can use this extension to create your excellent shorts video player app.

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New Update Version 9 :

In this version, we update the player UI design and add some more new features.

  1. Clear Old Videos Cache (This block helps to clear only old played videos for the cache directory)
  2. Now, @username is also clickable from the subtitle.
  3. New follow button with some custom small icons at the bottom.
  4. New animated rotating music icon on the bottom corner.
  5. Added on item changed event block.
  6. Now you can use this block for updating any text or icon Change Text or Change Icon block.

New Blocks :

New Update Version 8 :

In this version, I improve video playback quality and added some more features. Now you can create a smooth swipe video player app using this extension.

  1. New custom icons.
  2. Clickable title.
  3. Clickable hashtags in subtitles
  4. Top search icon.
  5. Now you can change custom icons and text when changing videos.
  6. You can set the status bar transparent for full-screen video playback with the status bar.
  7. More customization blocks.
  8. You can load the next video in the background with a custom load timer interval.
  9. Add Clear Old Videos Cache Blocks.

New Update Version 7 :

New Update Version 6 :

  1. now you can play short youtube videos.
  2.  a new video close icon.
  3. more customization blocks.
  4. new add list items block and update list items block.
  5. now this extension supports all these platforms – AppInventor,  Kodular, Niotron
  6. now you don’t need to upload default assets icons.

Pro Features : 

  1. custom option menu buttons.
  2. on the screen double tap to like.
  3. create a video player in layout.
  4. bottom progress bar.
  5. smooth vertical video scrolling.
  6. video cache storage
  7. background video load
  8. play the next video without buffering.

Demo App :

All Block :

Note: if you want to use this extension in the android builder, Niotron, or App Inventor platform then you need to add one more component in your project to initialize the recycler view library. this component is ListView


Registered Your Email with this Extension : 

Now you need to register your email with this extension for creating apps. make sure that the email address is the same as you are using for building apps. this extension will automatically detect the genuine extension user.

you need flow these steps to register your extension.

after importing, this extension into your project you need to add one more component to your project which is a new Registered Component this component will initialize the registered library.

 Registered Component :

Download Extension


Note: this component will work for all extensions. without this component, required extensions will not work.

after you will enter your email in this extension register email blocks in initialize or designer session.

That’s all the registered process of this extension. and if you want to update or change your email then you can easily update your email in the deephost app. after the update email, you can download again your extension and use it in your project. if you have any doubts then you can reach me by email or WhatsApp.

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