Swipe Video Player Pro

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This one is the swipe video player pro version you can use this extension to create your awesome shorts video player app.


New Update v7:

New Update v6 :

  1. now you can play youtube shorts videos.
  2.  new video close back icon.
  3. more customization blocks.
  4. new add list items block and update list items block.
  5. now this extension is support all these platforms – AppInventor,  Kodular, Niotron
  6. now you don’t need to upload default assets icons.



Pro Features : 

  1. custom option menu buttons.
  2. on screen double tap to like.
  3. create video player in layout.
  4. bottom progress bar.
  5. smooth vertical video scrolling.
  6. video cache storage
  7. background video load
  8. play next video without buffering.






Demo App :


All Block :