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This extension is allowed you to access files on the latest android device. your can read and write files with help of this extension. You can copy the file, move, delete, and get a file list from the device.

Download this zip file and unzip the file.

This extension is use the latest Storage Access Framework method to access files. that is supported in the latest android devices.

You can’t access files using the Android File class or component in the latest android. for this, you need to use DocumentFile class or component in android 11 or higher devices.

This extension is compatible with the latest and old versions of Android devices.

This extension is use ExecutorService to load files, copy and move it will handle the App UI during the process. with help of this your app will never lag during the process.

This extension can also access the android data folder to read and write files.

Android Path : “/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/

In the latest version of android devices, you can’t access the normal Storage file path. You need to use the Tree Uri path to access the file.

Storage Path : “/storage/emulated/0/Download/Folder”

Tree Uri Path : “content://”

According to need, this extension has automatically convert the normal storage path into the tree Uri path. you don’t need to do anything, you can use the normal storage path as an input path in this extension.

Check File Permission Using this Block :

Request File Permission Using this Block :

Load List of Files Using this Block :

Using this block you can set up your required list data.

  1. FilePath : Enter the file Path from which folder you want to get the files list.
  2. Extensions : Make a list to get the required different file types extension like – jpg, png, mp4
  3. DateFormat : You can get the file’s date and time with your custom date format like this : yyyy MM dd
  4. SortBy : You can sort by your file list using different types like : Name, Size, Types, LastModified
  5. Ascending or Descending : You can true or false to get reverse sort by list.
  6. IncludeSub : If you set true then you can also get files from subfolders.

Make Folder, Copy File, Move File Blocks :

Rename File or Delete File Blocks :

That’s all about this extension, if you have any doubts then you can reach me on WhatsApp or by Email I will definitely try to reason.

Screenshot :

Blocks :

Open Demo App Blocks

You can order this extension from deephost app. after confirmed your order you can reach me on whatsapp then i will send your extension. If you have any doubts then you can reach me by email or WhatsApp.


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