Payment Links Extension

Using this extension you can verify different types of payment links like Paytm business, Instamojo, PayU, Razorpay, and others this type of payment links.

Now you can customize the payment verification by changing Verify Text, and Verify URL, and also you can set the time interval of verification.

For testing your payment link you can check the demo app. if you have already purchased are old Paytm extension or payment gateway extension then you can direct download this extension for free because I removed this old extension from the app.

Before testing this, according to your types of payment links you need to know the payment success page successful message text, and contains URL. like – payment successful or paid successfully.

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Block Image :

Version 2

Added Payment Cancel event and payment failed Text blocks.

Demo App Blocks :

Registered Your Email with this Extension : 

Now you need to register your email with this extension for creating apps. make sure that the email address is the same as you are using for building apps. this extension will automatically detect the genuine extension user.

you need flow these steps to register your extension.

after importing, this extension into your project you need to add one more component to your project which is a new Registered Component this component will initialize the registered library.

 Registered Component :

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Note: this component will work for all extensions. without this component, required extensions will not work.

after you will enter your email in this extension register email blocks in initialize or designer session.

That’s all the registered process of this extension. and if you want to update or change your email then you can easily update your email in deephost app. after the update email, you can download again your extension and use it in your project. if you have any doubts then you can reach me by email or WhatsApp.

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