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Using this extension you can received and send onesignal notification in your app. you can use this extension in kodular , appInventor or other platform.
This extension is support in latest android devices. in this extension have lots of blocks to customize your notification. check latest blocks in this post. and also you can download demo app to check this extension how is work.

Verison 2.0 : Now this extension support with Firebase Authentication component in Kodular and Niotron

Version 3.0 : Now you can setup your custom notification icon in your project and we have remove online email registered system from this extension. We will generate your extension manually with your email address for offline licence verify.

Note : When you click on download extension you will get a zip file then you need to export the zip file. Inside this zip have two folders and inside the folder has an extension file. one extension will support with firebase auth component and we tested in Kodular , Niotron and another one is not support with firebase auth and you can use this extension in your any others project that you have not use firebase auth.

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Block Image :

Add registered component in your project and use your current registered email address which one you have using for creating your apps and registered with deephost app. if you are using different email, then don’t worry you can easily update your email in deephost app. make sure that after update email you have again downloaded the extension.

Add post notification permission request block for latest android devices.

Setup your App ID and Reset KEY for connecting your app with onesignal.

Note : For security reasons avoid to use Reset Key in your app, if you don’t want to send notifications directly from app. otherwise maybe your api key will expose. by the way, i am making a different extension to solve this issue that is API Key Protection. This extension can protect your api key in your app.

Let’s back to the next state, after that you need to setup Initialize SDK block.

After Initialize SDK you will get the user subscribe status and user Id. for this process may be it will take few seconds it’s depend on network response. Using this user Id you can send targeted notifications to the specific user.

When user has open the notification you will get all this information in your app. like: notification Id, title , body and etc.

If you have set foreground handler true then you will not received notification during app open. by default this option is false when you have set true then you will got direct event like: notification Id, title , body and etc.

That’s all the setup for receiving notification. after that we will see how to send notification from app.

You can use this two different way to send notification to the all subscribed users. use the first block to send only simple title and message notification. and using second block you can send title , message , image , link and also schedule notification delivered time.

With help of this two blocks you can send notification to the specific users. first one is for single user id and another one is for multiple user ids.

Using tags you can filter your app user to your specific category of users.

You can make multiple list of filters. and you can add some logic inside the filter to compare the value.

With help of this block you can send notification to the filtered users.

Using this block you can delete your existing tags.

Using this block you can get your all existing tags as a list from.

I hope you like this extension, we have tested this extension in my different devices you can also test in your device. if you have found any error then you can inform me we will try to fixed any type of issue.

Demo App Blocks :


If you have any doubts then you can reach me by email or WhatsApp.

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