UPI Getaway Extension

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Using this extension you can implement dynamic QR payment system in your app. For this you need to create your account in https://allapi.in/ website.

This website has provide API service to generate dynamic UPI payment QR code to capture the payment. For using this platform you much be have a business merchant account like : phonepy business or paytm business.

You need to connect your merchant account with this website and also you need to buy a subscription plan to activate your merchant. This website has provide multiples subscription plans options to chose acceding your requirement. After complete your setup you can get your API Token.

If you don’t save your own domain and hosting then you can directly you can setup your api token in blocks.

If you have your own domain and hosting then you don’t need to setup api token in blocks. just you need to check backend server mode true and setup your server url and status url.

We provide extension with php script for setup in your own server. For more details you can contact me on whatsapp.

Screenshot :

This is simple QR payment screen design you can customize according your preference.

Design Properties :

Blocks :

Demo App Blocks :

You can order this extension from deephost app. after confirmed your order you can reach me on whatsapp then i will send your extension. If you have any doubts then you can reach me by email or WhatsApp.

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